ImageIR® 8300 Z

Super-Zoom Infrared Camera Series

ImageIR® 8300 Z

The high-end infrared camera ImageIR® 8300 Z with 30× zoom lens allow effortless handling of complex reconnaissance and surveillance tasks.

Cooled detectors with up to (640 × 512) IR pixels
Detection range of 15 km for persons
Detection range of 18 km for vehicles
Customisable software interface offers time coded real-time playback

Reconnaissance and Surveillance with ImageIR® 8300 Z

Spectral range (3.6 … 4.9) µm
Pitch 15 µm
Detector InSb
Detector format (640 × 512)
Readout mode ITR / IWR
Aperture f/5.5
Detector cooling Stirling cooler
Temperature measuring range (-10 … 200) °C, up to 500 °C*
Temperature resolution @ 30 °C 0.02 K
Frame rate Up to 200 / 570 / 1,000 / 4,700 Hz (14 bit); Up to 200 / 670 / 1,200 / 5,000 Hz (13 bit)

With the latest cameras ImageIR® 8300 Z of the infrared camera series ImageIR® InfraTec presents a sophisticated long range infrared camera system in combination with an incredibly powerful zoom lens. State-of-the-art InSb detector technology with a resolution of (640 × 512) IR pixel offers most sensitive, high-resolution imaging capacity for 24/7 operation even through fog, smoke, day and night. Frame rates of up to 100 Hz support demanding imaging, tracking and monitoring tasks. The detection range of these infrared camera models is outstanding: vehicles can be detected up to 18 km and persons up to 15 km.

The rugged and exact power zoom together with the high-performance 30× zoom lens achieves a continuously adjustable field of view from (39.8 × 32.3)° down to (1.3 × 1.0)° with a detector format of (1,280 × 1,024) IR pixels. Therefore, also objects being far away can be displayed with a high-resolution infrared image. The customisable software interface offers time coded real-time playback.

Application Areas ImageIR® 8300 Z
Long range border guard surveillance
Harbor protection
Long-range tracking and monitoring
Environmental and animal monitoring